Our approach

We are ‘impact-first’, placing primary emphasis on impact with measurable results

Save the Children Global Ventures brings unprecedented access to grassroots global networks.

Backed by 100 plus years’ experience and knowledge, we have an unparalleled depth of skills, capabilities and processes to make innovative projects happen.

The Save the Children name and reputation opens doors that few others can.

Investment funds

With a first close in October 2020, this was Save the Children’s first impact investment fund and the first commercial fund managed by a charity in Australia. The Fund has now deployed more than [50%] of its capital into a range of edtech, health and child protection social enterprises.

It is expected that a second Australian impact fund will launch in late 2023.

Our ‘open-end’ perpetual endowment fund provides flexible finance to early-stage start-ups that can have a significant effect on positive outcomes for children in the areas of education, health, child protection and climate. Designed for funders who seek multiple sets of impact outcomes.

  • Reporting is on an annual basis.
  • Impact measurement applies world-leading measuring and reporting expertise.

Expected launch date is October 2023.

Strength of investment opportunity

Talk to us about deal origination and post-investment support.

  • Scale & reach
  • Proprietary deal flow
  • Deep global network
  • Technical advice
  • Back-office support


We capitalise on new technological breakthroughs by leveraging patient capital, operational expertise and our unique global platform to solve some of the most pressing issues for children.

  • We scale our sustainable impact by harnessing the power of technology and growing private sector investment.
  • Our partnerships with founding entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups and capital investors are the cornerstone to our success.
  • Our investment is primarily focussed on four global sectors: Education, Health, Child Protection and Climate.

Our investment and outcome funding partners

Save the Children Global Ventures is working with investment partners committed to social impact investing and outcome funding.

Through these long term partnerships, we are aiming to improve the preparedness and resilience of communities across the globe.

Leading global insurance ASX listed company, QBE Group, recognise that through long-term partnerships that foster education and raise awareness around risks, people and communities are better equipped to protect themselves.

The Education Outcomes Fund (EOF) is an independent trust fund hosted by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The Fund works to help achieve the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) of inclusive and equitable quality education for all.

The Paul Ramsay Foundation’s mission is to break cycles of disadvantage in Australia. We understand people are trapped in cycles of disadvantage not only because of specific issues in their life like poor health, under-education and unemployment, but from the dynamic interactions between these issues.

The Australian Government is committed to growing social impact investing in Australia.