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Investment approach

How we work

Child-lens investing

Save the Children Global Ventures is creating the first series of child-focused investment funds. Our decision-making integrates considerations of children's rights and well-being across our investment processes to advance positive outcomes for children.

We provide a range of financial tools to enhance the positive outcomes our partners achieve for children. Our Children's Impact Multiplier Fund provides patient and catalytic capital for highly impactful opportunities that traditional finance might overlook. In tandem, we advise a suite of commercially-structured funds, each mobilising significant capital within our focus areas.

Read our 2023 Multiplier Fund Annual Report
Areas of investment


Our child-lens investment strategy spans areas that will have the most direct impact for children: education, health, nutrition, WASH, child protection and related infrastructure needed to enable resilience, social impact and/or social mobility.

Our Portfolio

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We oversee and advise a portfolio of impact investments developed using a child-lens that focuses on delivering significant advances for children across health, education, child protection and related themes that promote child wellbeing.
Carbon Neutral
Carbon Neutral is a carbon solutions provider and reforestation developer helping individuals, businesses and charities become carbon neutral and develop ‘nature-based’ climate solutions, which involve conserving, restoring, and better managing ecosystems to reduce CO2 emissions.
Child Protection
Oho’s child safeguarding technology tool screens employees and volunteers weekly, so organisations can continually revalidate essential accreditations and permits necessary for work with children. Users receive timely alerts if an individual has their accreditation or permit revoked.
THINKMD’s mission is to make scientifically validated clinical intelligence technology universally accessible, so that anyone, anywhere can make better health decisions.
Zeraki Analytics
Zeraki Analytics aids schools in quickly understanding academic data. They offer a mobile-first school management platform for real-time tracking of student attendance and performance, which can be easily shared with administrators and parents. Over half the high-schools in Kenya now use Zeraki’s tools.